June 2010

Dogs Bay is another of Connemara’s fine beaches and here you get two for the price of one.

The beach is crescent shaped and well protected, with rocks at either end. The water here has the usual Connemara crystal clarity and is good for kids to swim in as you get into your depth gradually.

This is a really nice family beach and if you are prepared to walk to the end and do a little bit of walking across the grass, you will come to a lovely small beach which we christened’ puppy’s cove’.

Its real name is Trà Mhantàn and it’s a little gem. We have been here quite a few times and it’s nearly always deserted. This small beach is well sheltered by the rocks on either side. It’s a really nice spot to sunbathe or to do some snorkelling. While the water is lovely and clear do be careful as you are out of your depth very quickly.


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Dogs Bay is on the R341 from Clifden and there is a signpost to the beach not long before Roundstone.
There is a reasonable sized car park but this fills up quickly on a fine summer’s day. There is a rough bumpy track to the beach which you would just about manage with a sturdy buggy. When we were there in June we saw a family struggle up this path with a wheelchair. What a difference a simple tarmacadamed path would make.

Ordnance Survey Discovery Series Map No. 44

‘Puppy’s Cove’

‘Puppy’s Cove’

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