Swimming Safely

Each of us has a responsibility to swim safely and that requires each of us to take proper and sensible precautions.

The Irish Water Safety Association has a very useful website which includes their 14 tips to safe swimming. You should read these at www.iws.ie

In addition we would urge you to note the following:

  • Look out for proper points of entry and exit. Check and see if there is a proper way in and a way out.
  • Stay close to shore and swim alongside the shore, don't swim out. This is especially important in new locations.
  • When you are swimming in a place new to you, be extra careful and don't swim there alone. In fact don't swim anywhere alone.
  • Watch out for currents and tides which can change quickly and can easily sweep you away or out of your depth.
  • You often can't see fully into the sea, river or lake so watch out for underwater objects. Do not jump or dive into places you don't know.
  • Wind and rain can create waves and water movement, so you need to be extra careful in bad weather.
  • If you are in doubt then leave it out. Don't swim anywhere where you are unsure or uncomfortable. It's not worth the risk.

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